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 Server Progress Report

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PostSubject: Server Progress Report   Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:01 am

Server is doing even better then it was a week ago. Griefers are banned within 15min of joining and their edits rolled back.

A new city has started underneath spawn called The Undercity or by it's ancient name Immortis (A variation of the Latin translation of 'The Depths of Death'.
It is thriving with new builders every day. Building rules are strict though, it must be of a certain style and in the area relative to that style. For instance a Dwarven build would be placed in the Dwarven district but a Rogues contruction would be placed in the new 'District of Underos'.

Going well, we could say. 5 people have been banned for greifing with no damage done to the world. The only annoying person to start anything was 'Matt' who was briefly jailed in his own grave and muted for 30mins (okay... 15, I felt sorry for him).

Everyone seems to be happy, after 'Matt' and 'Dez' had the argument they made up and seem to be happy now.

Good. Minimal Lag present at most times. Spikes can be found at around 2-6am GMT.

Best Regards,

In-Game Name: mrc376
Youtube Name: MC376
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Server Progress Report
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